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1. School Timings
PSM is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. The timings are as follows:

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
- Office Timing- 12.00 P.M to 7.00 P.M.
- Class Timings- 2.00 P.M (1st Class starts) to 8.30. P.M (Last class ends)

- Office Timing- 11.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M
- Class Timings- 9.30 A.M (1st class starts to 8.30 P.M (Last class ends)

2. Class Duration- 45 minutes

3. Class Strength (Practicals)
- Piano- 1 to 4 students per class. Each student will be given an individual instrument.
- Guitar- 1 to 8 students per class. Each student will be required to bring their guitars. Average class size is 2 to 4 students per class.
- Drums- Individual or Group. Students will be seated in separate instrument/ practice pad. The teacher coordinates the classes giving personalized attention to the students.
- Vocals- Individual or Group.

For Theory, performance, Ear Test, Sight Reading and exams, the classes will be conducted in larger groups.

4. Holidays
Sunday is our weekly holiday. The School is closed for winter break from Christmas to the 1st week of January. The school is closed for the “Rath Yatra” celebrated by the Jagannath Temple on the way to Hauz Khas Village. This is in the month of June and students will be informed accordingly. Apart from this, we have no other holidays except for national holidays. School may close for Bandhs or strikes as per the given circumstances.

5. Scheduling of Classes
a) Scheduling is very important in PSM as we conduct classes in smaller groups. To ensure a low student teacher ratio we require students/ parents to cooperate with us and provide us clear options (Day and time frame) from which we will schedule the classes. Therefore the schedule options you provide are guidelines that enable us to plan the music classes as per your convenience.

b) Classes are scheduled on a monthly basis to provide flexibility to students. So, the schedule options can change month to month or remain the same as per your convenience.

c) To fix the schedule students have to list at least 3 options as per their priority in the following format:

A list of minimum 3 days with at least 2 class timings per day. E.g.
- 1st Option- Monday 2.50 P.M and 3.45 P.M.
- 2nd Option- Wednesday- 4.40 P.M onwards.
- 3rd Option- Saturday morning

Please ensure that at least 6 different class timings are listed in total (3 Days × 2 class timings= Total 6 options).

d) It is possible to give more than 3 Days as options. Please keep in mind that the school has to have a total of at least 6 options to work with.

e) To ensure the Schedule Options are as per your convenience, students/ parents can give detailed instructions. E.g.

- Classes should start after 8th May 2007 or
- All 6 classes in May to be completed before 20th May or
- No Classes to be scheduled on 10th, 17th and 22nd May.

f) New Students will list their options in the Registration Form at the time of joining. Thereafter they will be required to fill in the “Schedule Options Register” every month between 12th to 17th with a of minimum 3 options for the next month. E.g. Between 12th to 17th April, 2013 for the month of May 2013.

g) Students/ Parents are responsible for submitting their Schedule Options on time. School cannot plan the schedule if students do not submit their schedule options in the following format:
- New Students- In the Registration form
- Old Students- In the Schedule Options Register/ Form for Schedule options.

h) Thereafter students will be informed regarding their schedule. Students have to collect their Monthly Schedule from the Reception Desk. The Monthly Schedule should be collected between 25th to end of the month.

i) After the monthly schedule has been handed over, the School will not be able to entertain any requests for changes in the Schedule as it has been planned as per your options.

j) Classes cannot be rescheduled/ postponed/ changed for any reason. Tuition payment for missed lessons is forfeited. It is the responsibility of the student to be at each class at the designated time.

k) As mentioned, PSM works on a low student teacher ratio hence we are very careful in scheduling the classes. No changes can be made once you have entered your options and received the schedule which is as per the same.

l) If a teacher is unable to attend a lesson/ the school is unable to conduct the classes, the tuition payment for the class/ classes will be transferred to the next month.

We request Students and Parents to understand us when such problems arise as we would like our students to benefit from the system PSM stands by, which is striving for quality education and personalized attention to each and every student.

6) Other Rules and Regulations of the PSM:

i) Students arriving for a lesson must sign in at that front desk to verify attendance. Details regarding the next class have to be filled in too.
ii) Any music a student wants to learn has to be submitted prior to that lesson. Either one class before or two days before the class.
iii) Termination of lessons in the middle of the month without notice will result in forfeiture of remaining tuition paid.
iv) Failure to attend two lessons consecutively without notification is considered a withdrawal from the school and any remaining tuition is forfeited.
v) Over and above all the details listed in this document, all Rules and Regulations listed in the Registration Form are applicable.
vi) The School will hold the right to terminate the education of any student if the student does not abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
vii) The school may amend any of the above rules and regulations from time to time.

- Parents are welcome to sit in on any lesson. Any questions on the student’s progress are welcomed and encouraged.
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